What characteristics do professional athletes have that we can model in our financial lives to help us build more wealth? In this installment, I discuss how we can apply the work ethic, commitment, desire, sacrifice, and perseverance that professional athletes have to our finances. I had intended to use the Super Bowl as a framework to demonstrate that the greatest athletes use these characteristics to become world champions. The outcome of the game encouraged me to dive deeper into the mentality of never quitting. Let this installment motivate you to start putting in the time and effort to improve your finances by doing a budget, tracking your expenses, reading and learning more about how to better manage your money, and by doing the little things consistently from this point forward. I hope this installment will show you that sacrifice, determination, and perseverance are essential to building wealth. I encourage you to learn from your mistakes, make a plan to improve in those areas you are weak, to learn and practice good financial habits, and to believe that you can build wealth.

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