Answers to your Financial Questions

If you have a burning question that needs a simple, straightforward answer, you’ve come to the right place.

How big should my emergency fund be?

Emergencies will occur. There is no way around this. Understanding what true emergencies are allows us to determine the size of our emergency fund.

How do you define “affordable”?

Understanding your position on how you define affordable is important if you hope to adopt a different approach to effectively managing your money.

How much of my paycheck should I allocate for spending?

Considering where one is will dictate their priorities. At each stage, what should be allocated for spending is, therefore, whatever is left over.

I’m buying my first home. Got any mortgage advice?

When done correctly, buying a home can be a blessing. It can also be one of the worst financial decisions if a few basic rules are not followed.

Should I continue giving money to a church if I’m in debt?

Some argue that one should give financially regardless of the situation. Others believe it is okay to temporarily stop giving if necessary.

What can I do to fix common debt problems?

People who are burdened by debt often don’t recognize that debt isn’t their main problem but rather a symptom of a larger financial issue.

What is “Positive Cash Flow” and how can I do it?

Money comes in and money goes out. It’s that simple. Think of a bucket that has water flowing into it and holes in the bottom that allow water to flow out.

What role does capitalism play in my finances?

To build wealth, households should focus on building their assets by acquiring land and capital rather than focusing on trading labor to employers for a wage.

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