Public Speaking

Dr. Thrift is an engaging and dynamic speaker whose passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge motivates his audience and leaves them wishing they could hear more. His physical presence and booming but conversational voice will keep you glued to everything he has to share. In 2005, he and his wife began a transformational journey that has allowed them to live a financially stress-free life. Dr. Thrift believes building wealth is not only achievable but should be an expectation. His presentations are designed to share with you what he has learned and implemented so you can achieve financial success.


Dr. Thrift utilizes a crafty combination of storytelling, personal experiences, and old fashioned principles in a fun, humorous, and thought-provoking manner. He has presented to numerous church and professional organizations including the National Association for Business Teacher Education, Southeastern Marketing and Business Education Conference and the Georgia Independent Schools Association Annual Conference. He is an award winning Toastmaster having placed in the District 14 Humorous Speech Contest.

Staying Current

Along with his personal experiences, Dr. Thrift, has made a habit of researching the latest trends in financial education and has read hundreds of books related to business, income, careers, financial management, and thrift. You can find a list of books Dr. Thrift recommends here. Additionally, he conducted his doctoral dissertation on how to improve financial education. He has made the study of financial literacy a part of his DNA with the goal of continually learning new concepts, ideas, and strategies that can be used to help his audiences gain financial success.

Presentation Topics

Dr. Thrift is available to deliver a variety of presentations ranging from a 45 minute presentation to 3 hour workshops, and even 6-8 hour seminars. Each presentation is designed to challenge the audience to adopt a different strategy so they can win financially. Dr. Thrift’s speech topics include:

  • 9 Financial Themes We All Need To Understand
  • The Financial Road Less Traveled
  • Dr. Thrift’s Personal Story
  • Living Thrifty: What it is and why we need it now more than ever
  • We All Need To Be Capitalists
  • Who’s a better worker? You or your money
  • What a bucket can teach us about our finances

Workshops & Seminars

Dr. Thrift also conducts workshops and seminars that dig deep into the subject matter and are designed to help the audience learn by doing. Most people need some guidance so these formats allow participants to ask questions and get help with the goal of having them leave with a well developed plan in place. These workshops can be customized to include the following topics:

  • What tools we all need to have in our financial toolbox
  • An introduction to cash flow planning
  • How to create a cash flow plan
  • Tips for staying on budget
  • How to develop a debt elimination plan
  • Why an emergency fund is necessary and how to develop one
  • How to automate much of your finances
  • Basics of home mortgages
  • Paying off your home early
  • Eliminating waste
  • Many more…


Do you have a group that needs some financial hope? Would they benefit from hearing new strategies on how to manage their finances? If so, contact Dr. Thrift and find out how to bring him and his exciting message to your group. Now is the time to let Dr. Thrift educate and motivate you to improve your finances so you can send your financial problems on a permanent vacation.

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