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Thursday Techniques, Tips, and Tricks #5

Ding! Ding! Ding! Announcer: Oooh, immediately Dr. Thrift takes a jab to the head. That’s immediately followed-up with an uppercut. Now a few body blows, oooh, and down goes Dr. Thrift. He stumbles to his feet after a seven count. The referee is looking at him. And it...

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The parable of water and money

It didn't concern me too much when the water starting rising but as we sat on the porch and talked, the water level continued to slowly increase. There was no room for any more without flooding the upper part of the yard. Just as we were wondering how high it might...

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Clearing Up By Educating

Today, the balance in my bank account is $3,142 smaller. The IRS deducted that amount from our account because that is what we owe in Federal taxes. Of that amount, $30 is a penalty because the almost $13,000 that had been withheld from our paychecks was not more than...

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Don’t Beat ‘Em With An Ugly Stik, Sell ‘Em One

I have recently discovered the joy in selling things online. A few weeks ago I put two items up for sale on Ebay and both of them sold. I was shocked that someone actually wanted one of them. I was really just doing a test to see if someone would actually spend money...

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Thursday Techniques, Tips, and Tricks #4

When you move, you realize how much extra stuff you have lying around. When you move to a smaller home, you realize how much extra stuff you have that needs to go. When you move into a smaller home that you have spent months fixing up, you realize you have magnified...

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The President’s Childish Idea

For those of you who read the headline and now have your britches in a wad, let me start by saying, notice I didn't call the President childish but one of his ideas. Don't get upset yet. Read on to understand. In any debate, it is appropriate to begin by defining the...

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Gaining More Radio Experience

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being a guest on another radio show. This time I was invited by my friend Robin Crawford to appear on her online radio show "Conversations in the Zone". Robin uses the BlogTalkRadio website to conduct her radio show. Robin works with...

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Don’t Leave The Placard On The Pillow

I have had the privilege of staying in a variety of hotels over the past 18 months. I have traveled to Boston as well as Savannah, Augusta, Rome, Macon, Dahlonega, Blue Ridge and Ringgold, GA. I have traveled as far as San Jose, Quepos, La Fortuna, and Tamarindo,...

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Blind Victimhood

Recently an acquaintance of mine asked me for some financial advice. He was having trouble living on the $400 per week he is receiving in workers' compensation benefits. Two separate but closely timed events had led to his inability to go back to his job until he had...

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First 100 Days

Today is the 100th day of 2013. Back on January 1st, many of you made new year’s resolutions where you promised yourself you would make changes in your life. I suspect most of you have already broken those promises. You wanted to accomplish something but you didn’t,...

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Thursday Techniques, Tips, and Tricks #3

Recently a friend told me I didn’t always have to write big long posts to get my message across. She said I wasn’t being thrifty if I didn’t write some short posts from time to time. With that in mind, here is a short and sweet tip for the week. What do stores do...

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What your rich dad would tell you to do

A paycheck does not make you rich. It is what you do with that paycheck that makes a person rich, poor, or middle-class. Those were the words of Robert Kiyosaki’s rich dad in his book Rich Kid Smart Kid. Throughout his books, starting with Rich Dad Poor Dad, Kiyosaki...

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