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The Coaching Process

Providing financial coaching is something that I’m very passionate about. Before we get started with your coaching, let’s quickly go over how all of this works.

Step 1: Consultation

Before I will allow a client to purchase a coaching package I require every individual or couple to go through a free 30 minute consultation. This consultation is designed for me to determine how I might be able to best help that individual or couple as well as to allow them the opportunity to get to know me, the services I offer, and to determine if they want to work with me.

Step 2: Payment

Should you choose to proceed with financial coaching after our initial consultation, you will then have the choice of selecting- and paying for- a coaching package. Pricing for this is displayed below and all payments may be made securely online.

Step 3: A Little Homework

Once your payment is processed, you’ll be given a little homework to do before we schedule our first coaching session. I require all clients to submit a Financial Snapshot as well as a Budget before scheduling a meeting.

Step 4: Set The Date

Finally, once I’ve received your Financial Snapshot and Budget, you’ll be able to schedule an appointment with me for the amount of time that your package allows.


1 Hour

A single one hour consultation.


2 Hours

Two one hour consultations.


3 Hours

Three one hour consultations.


Frequently Asked Questions

How frequently will we be meeting?

Each one hour consultation will be scheduled once per month. In rare cases, the coaching sessions may occur more often, but that will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

What’s the difference between plans?

The only difference in the plans is the number of hours that you purchase. If you decide that you need additional hours once your purchased time is redeemed, you can upgrade one time to a higher number of hours. For example, a client pays for one hour and after that appointment, they decide they need two more. The client would be able to apply the $150 they already paid towards the 3 hour package. This client would be asked to pay an additional $175 to upgrade from a single hour session to the three hour package.

Which package should I buy?

If you’re not sure how much time you’ll need, buy one hour after our initial 30 minute consultation. Then, if you decide that you need more, you can take advantage of the one time upgrade to a different package level.

What can I expect with my first coaching?

During each one hour session, Dr. Thrift will ask questions to better understand the client’s situation. He will then provide some information, answer questions and give suggestions. His goal by the end of the coaching session is to inject hope into the hearts and minds of his clients. After the session, Dr. Thrift will provide his clients with a summary of the session to include feedback, action steps to be taken, resources the client might find useful and a list of other things for the client to consider.

What about subsequent coaching sessions?

If multiple sessions are purchased, prior to scheduling the next session, Dr. Thrift will ask the client to complete a follow­up form that asks the clients to list what items they have accomplished from the previous session, what new challenges they are now facing and what they hope to accomplish during the next session.

Where can I book coaching sessions?

The 30 minute consultation and any subsequent coaching sessions can be scheduled in person, online or over the phone.

Schedule your consultation!

If you’re ready to start improving your financial life, use the form below to get in touch with Dr. Thrift and get your free 30 minute consultation scheduled.

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