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Dr. Thrift’s Background

In 2005, Dr. Thrift and his wife were living paycheck to paycheck. Knowing there had to be a better way to manage their finances, Dr. Thrift began searching for a different way. His initial search led him to Robert Kyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Shortly afterward, at the recommendation of a friend, Dr. Thrift tuned into a radio station he had never listened to before. It turns out the show he was looking for was not on at that time but a show on personal finance was so he decided to listen for a few minutes.

The host, Dave Ramsey, was talking to a gentleman who was describing a unique way that he was going to destroy his credit cards. It turns out the theme that day was for callers to destroy their plastic in a unique way. As part of the discussion, Dave mentioned he had just released a new book, The Total Money Makeover. Those few minutes tuning into a show he had never heard of nor intended to listen to would change Dr. Thrift’s financial future. He read Dave’s book and decided to implement what he learned. This began a quest to absorb anything related to better money management.

Over the next few years, Dr. Thrift worked diligently to pay off debt while continuing to learn all he could about personal financial management. Fueled by his new found passion, Dr. Thrift began teaching an elective course in personal finance to the juniors and seniors at the high school where he taught. When he decided to pursue a doctorate degree, Dr. Thrift knew from the beginning that his research topic would be on improving financial education. In 2011, Dr. Thrift completed his dissertation and earned his doctorate degree.

In the years since, he has continued to read and learn as much as he can about business, income, careers, investments, debt elimination and other financial topics. His high school course is now a graduation requirement. He has refined his teaching methods and is prepared to take all of his experience, knowledge, and ability to motivate to help bring value to those who are struggling financially.

His Mission

Dr. Thrift is a Ramsey Solutions trained Financial Coach who seeks to inject hope and provide valuable to information to those he coaches. His ability to explain things in different ways while being compassionate and motivating helps his clients send their financial problems on a permanent vacation. Contact Dr. Thrift today so he can share with you the techniques and knowledge you need to change your behaviors and eliminate the financial problems you have.

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