Watch, Listen, Learn.

Video and audio are one of the most engaging ways to learn about personal finances.

Your Thrift Habits (1948)

“Jack” is envious of the camera that sensible “Ralph” has just purchased. How can Jack possibly save the money he needs to buy one for himself?

Buying Food (1950)

A 1950 educational film about smart shopping habits and tips, which was probably shown in Home Economics classes of the time.

The Stock Market Explained Simply

The New York Stock Exchange provides a means for buyers and sellers to trade shares of stock in companies registered for public trading.

The Dave Ramsey Show

Watch or listen to the The Dave Ramsey Show live on your desktop, iPhone, or iPad right now!

The Radical Personal Finance Podcast

Joshua Sheats is here to share with you the proven strategies, tools, and tactics that you need to achieve your goals more quickly and more efficiently.

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