He Knows a Thing or Two

Dr. Thrift has spent 19 years as a high school educator with the last nine of them teaching juniors and seniors the financial knowledge they need to build long term wealth. Armed with this knowledge, they will be able to enjoy a prosperous life that includes giving. He has consistently adapted each of his lessons to make them more effective. He has worked to polish the content including how he explains and delivers each of his messages. Additionally, his personal thirst for knowledge in the subject of personal finance has led to his being a life-long learner who is constantly reading in order to hone his message.

His experience in turning his personal finances around provide an insight into the techniques one needs to use in order to improve their finances. Dr. Thrift has fought the personal battle and emerged victorious. Having fought the battle, the wisdom gained from being in the trenches allows Dr. Thrift to bring a personal experience to his message.

Dr. Thrift utilizes a crafty combination of storytelling, personal experiences, and old fashioned principles in a fun, humorous, and thought-provoking manner. He has presented to numerous church and professional organizations including the National Association for Business Teacher Education, Southeastern Marketing and Business Education Conference and the Georgia Independent Schools Association Annual Conference. He is an award winning Toastmaster having placed in the District 14 Humorous Speech Contest.

Along with his personal experiences, Dr. Thrift, has made a habit of researching the latest trends in financial education and has read hundreds of books related to business, income, careers, financial management, and thrift. You can find a list of books Dr. Thrift recommends here. Additionally, he conducted his doctoral dissertation on how to improve financial education. He has made the study of financial literacy a part of his DNA with the goal of continually learning new concepts, ideas, and strategies that can used to help his audiences gain financial success.

Benefit from his experience.

Dr. Thrift is available for hire as a counselor, speaker and teacher. If you would like to find out more about Dr. Thrift’s services, continue below.

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