Recently a friend told me I didn’t always have to write big long posts to get my message across. She said I wasn’t being thrifty if I didn’t write some short posts from time to time. With that in mind, here is a short and sweet tip for the week.

What do stores do after the holidays with all the merchandise they hoped to sell before the holidays? In most cases they discount the merchandise since supply at that point is greater than demand. Do you have some extra cash you didn’t use from your Christmas budget? If so, buy your kids or yourself some needed clothes. Buy wrapping paper, tape, or decorations you can use next year. Check the sales after Christmas and look for items you need and spend some money to get them. Of course, if you don’t need them, don’t buy them. Save the money instead.

Finally, let me say have a Merry Christmas. Make sure to take time Tuesday morning to reflect on the reason we celebrate Christmas. Make sure to give thanks to God for all his blessings including the gift of salvation.

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