In this installment, I share nine major themes that I teach my students each semester while they take a mandatory personal finance course. Just about everything I teach can fit under one of these themes. This installment is designed to introduce the next series of installments as we progress from the How To Get A Pay Raise in Three Months series to a more in-depth discussion on how to win financially. In addition to these major themes, I briefly list a few other common financial concepts that you might consider. This installment is the first in a series that will explore all of these themes in more detail in the coming weeks. The themes are:

  1. Think differently
  2. Have a plan for everything
  3. Build your asset column
  4. Avoid debt
  5. Pay yourself first
  6. You have to protect yourself from your own worst financial enemy
  7. Let banks work for you
  8. Before following someone’s financial advice, ask yourself if they benefit if you follow their advice
  9. Don’t hoard…Don’t be greedy. Spend and give


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