In this installment I started off with Ms. Thrift having a chance to share with you her thoughts and feelings on our transformation from living paycheck to paycheck. She and I discussed what we went through, the concerns she had, the challenges, the joys and the overall peace that we now have as a result of completely changing our financial future.

I then discussed in more detail how I have discovered my passion which is to help others do what we have done. I shared with you how I began reading many books on the subject of financial management, entrepreneurship, and leadership to name a few. I discussed how I used this topic as the basis for my doctoral dissertation that I started in 2008.

Finally I concluded with some characteristics about me and how they would be implemented into this show. In essence, I gave you the audience some insight into how I approach my finances and life in general with the goal of helping you see the attitude one should have in order to win.

I hope you enjoy this installment. I

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